Pay Per Click Advertising

The PPC process starts by understanding your target market and looking at which platforms and strategies will yield the best results. Insightful data on your market and your competition will then be gathered for deciding the best approach, creating a data-driven campaign that will integrate seamlessly with your business strategy.

PPC can be used in many different ways to build your website traffic, whether it’s using Google’s shopping or remarketing campaigns, or whether it’s promoting content on Facebook. It’s important that we use the right approach for your business to drive high-quality targeted traffic to your website.



Search Ads

Writing and targeting the text ads which ads appear in the search results pages of search engines.


Display Ads

Designing and targeting your ads on Google’s display network of over 2 million websites worldwide.


YouTube Ads

Targeting your ads to users on YouTube to showcase your brand in a video ads or in static banner ads.


Shopping Ads

Targeting your products on the Google Shopping network as users are actively searching for your products.



Targeting your past website visitors to reengage them with your brand and drive them to a conversion.


Mobile Ads

Creating and targeting specific ads which are focused on engaging users browsing on mobile phones.


Social Ads

Building campaigns which target and engage users on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.



Analysing your current PPC campaigns in-depth and highlighting areas where improvements can be made.


Supplementary Services


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Running A/B split variant testing to optimise the conversion rate for key website landing pages.


Conversion Tracking

Setting up and managing conversion and user tracking using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.



Generating reports which show your current progress inline with the project aims and objectives.