10 Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

Don’t get left behind

It’s an accepted fact that business is progressively moving online - whether that’s selling your products online or just reaching out to customers using online methods. Yet, many small businesses are still stuck in their traditional ways, using marketing advertising methods that are getting old fast. It is these businesses that will not be around in 5-10 years time because the world is changing quickly. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Below are the top 10 reasons why you need to adopt digital marketing now:

1. Levels the playing field

Digital marketing enables small and medium size businesses to reach audiences that were previously only available to large businesses.

2. More cost effective

Unless you’re a large international business you probably have a relatively limited marketing budget and need to think about how to spend it most effectively. Digital marketing is a far more cost effective way to spend the marketing budget because of the ability to target niche consumers. 40% of small businesses have achieved savings through using digital marketing (according to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report).

3. Delivers more conversions

Digital marketing enables businesses to target a very specific set of consumers. This group can then be nurtured using custom content and a personalised email marketing campaign. This ability to target exactly the type of consumers means that the marketing efforts can deliver more conversions than traditional marketing.

4. Enables interaction with audience

Digital marketing allows you to connect with each individual customer, building stronger and deeper connections. Tools such as social media gives the opportunity for customers to interact with a business on a very personal level, breaking down a lot of the traditional and formal barriers between business and customer. This enhanced relationship leads to an increased conversion rate and a greater level of customer retention.

5. Caters for the mobile consumer

This year (2015) the number of users accessing the internet through a mobile or tablet device has overtaken desktop and laptop computers. Digital marketing has mobile platforms at its heart - with social media apps, responsive (works on desktop or mobile devices) email marketing campaigns and responsive website design all key tools for a modern digital marketing strategy.

6. Builds brand reputation

Tools such as social media means that the customer can become a powerful advocate of your business by posting positive comments that then get shared and seen by many people. Plus, using your website enables you to showcase your industry experience and expertise in a very professional manner.

7. Easier to measure

Using tools such as Google Analytics it is possible to measure very accurately where the traffic has come from, what it did and where it left the website. This enables you to identify which traffic sources are most profitable, and to make informed changes to your website. This data driven approach to marketing means you can make your marketing budget work more efficiently by focusing your budget on the digital assets which produce the best return on investment.

8. Future proofing your business

Whether you like it or not, digital marketing is the future. More and more businesses are shifting their budgets to enhancing their online presence. The quicker you adopt these new technologies the quicker you can begin to benefit.

9. Streamline your business

Using digital marketing tools you can integrate all business software to work together, cutting down on manual data entering and therefore cutting costs. Websites these days are very easy to integrate with accounting packages and sales tools, making your business run far more efficiently. It saves a few headaches too!

10. Earns consumer's trust

Digital marketing enables you to leverage social proof and testimonials from actual customers which have previously purchased. With 92% of consumers trusting recommendations from friends (Neilson, 2012), leveraging the full potential of social media can be extremely powerful for businesses.

Digital marketing is something that all businesses need to embrace. It offers a world of exciting opportunity with the ability to reach millions of customers across the world; or to target a very specific geographic area. Through digital marketing it is possible efficiently to inform, advise and persuade your customers - all before they’ve even picked up the phone to you. It allows you to automate elements of your sales process, leaving you to focus on the important stuff. It has revolutionised the way businesses build relationships with their customers, and can streamline your entire sales process. The real question is; can your business really move forward without it?

Sam Taylor